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I am quite satisfied with the store. I made online order and delivery of the bike held the very next day, in excellent condition. Very good service, reasonable prices and a wide range products. I recommend it highly ...

Katerina Ster

Friendly environment. Excellent service and affordable prices! And if you do not love cycling, a place that will lead you to discover it ...

Sofia Karafylli

From my recent purchase by Dromeas Bikes, I was completely satisfied. The people were very friendly and willing to help. Indeed there are many bicycles and accessories. Worth a visit ...

Nikolaos Mantoulidis

Excellent communication and service. Very wide choice of bicycles and related equipment, excellent quality. Very good prices. Highly recommended! Excellent communication, service and quality. Great prices. Highly recommended ...

George Spithakis

Excellent service, willing to spend time with me, proper information, guidance and responsibility .... In short the store for those who love the bike ...

Μάγδα Δεληγιάννη

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  • Mountain

    Mountain bikes are designed primarily for rough and steep roads. Are ideal for cyclists who want them for daily use and a trip to the mountain. They can also be used in town, but their wide tires slow the speed of the bicycle. Most of the time the front suspension facilitates the ascent and descent of sidewalks, but difficult uphill because theoretically adds more weight.

  • Road

    The road bikes are designed to go fast to cover large distances. At this helps the thin and high pressure tires. It is designed for fast cycling, helping the rider to have full control at high speeds. Very agile, but in no way for the mountain.

  • ΒΜΧ

    BMX, "something like bicycles" the "heretical bikes" one might say, is made for incredible riders. They are small with sloppy geometry, small wheels 20", wide tires, rotor for full handlebar rotation. We usually see them go upside down or in the air or on one wheel or simply in a way we can not image them. For restless boys who learn tricks and show off!

  • Trekking

    TREKKING bikes  is the evolution of mountain where they can be used either to get into the city, either for a good ride up the mountain (of course having the proper precautions for difficult trails in the dirt).

  • City

    City bikes are the most common and talked bikes with all the accessories needed for the ride to town. The design of the city bike has changed a lot from the old designs you see, having incorporated several parts and accessories from mountain bikes, such as suspension, gears and more.

  • Kids

    Kids bikes for all ages. Give a smile to little ones with a quality children's bike at the best price in the market. Great variety!

  • Folding

    Folding bikes are small, flexible, with small wheels. Thanks to folding feature, can very easily be reduced in volume by half when the need arises. Moving the city with a large bike, is not always easy for everyone, whether for reasons of flexibility between the cars, either because their transport with public transport is difficult or in some cases prohibited. The folding bike takes us with easy

  • Electric

    Wide range of electric bikes for those who want long distances effortlessly. Here the electric bike that fits you. Quality, price and many installments!

    The electric bike is nothing more than a regular bicycle with electric assist. An electrical system (battery-motor-sensor-controller) appropriately positioned by the manufacturer, allows the rider to choose: either to move only with his own power or ask your bike to help when and as much is needed!

  • Fitness

    The fitness bikes are basically race bikes with steering wheel and controls of a mountain, for a more comfortable driving position. Race bikes with big wheels 28 ", thin tires, low weight and aerodynamic riding position for sports or racing use only on asphalt.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 163 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 163 items