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Shipments and returns

Our goal

Our goal is to constantly renew our e -shop, to reduce the problems and simplify the shipping procedure of your small and medium size orders.

For further information contact us on: 210-6047210 or via e-mail.

The bikes are delivered mounted, regulated and ready to use so that the manufacturer’s warranty is valid and properly packaged for their safe shipping.

Shipping and shipping costs

  • Shipments are made by courier companies and transport companies according to the volume, weight and destination of products. In some areas, these companies does  not deliver at home, so it may need you to receive your order, after a telephone communication, from their branch office located in your area.

  • Shipping will take place within 7 business days of your order.

  • Our company has no responsibility for any delays on the part of the shipping company

  • Delivery on Saturday and Sunday is not possible.

  • For the time being, we only ship in Greece. 

     Bicycles & Bulky Items

  • Free shipping for bikes worth more than €300 per piece, across Greece. Bicycles on offer are excluded.

  • Shipping of bicycles and products with large volume is made by transport companies.

  • The cost of transport is borne by the consignee.

  • The transport cost of bicycles less than €300 is for:    

        - Attica (North, South, West and East Attica and Piraeus) €10

        - Central Greece (without Attica) €15

        - Peloponnese €10

        - Macedonia €15

        - Epirus €15

        - Thessaly €15

        - Thrace €15

        - Aegean Islands (without Dodecanese) €20

        - Ionian Islands €20

        - Dodecanese €25 and

        - Crete €20

  • Please let us know, if you wish to send your order with a company of your choice. The company's e-shop supports this option. In this case, please contact with the company of your choice on your own. It goes without saying, that you can pick up from our store.

  • Cash on delivery can not be applied to orders concern bicycles, except small products, which is €2,70 irrespective of the amount of the purchase. This form of payment applies only in cash. 

     Small products

  • We use ACS courier for our deliveries (In some areas, these companies does  not deliver at home, so it may need you to receive your order, after a telephone communication, from their branch office located in your area).

  • Free shipping for  products worth more than € 100, across Greece. Bicycles and bulky products such as car racks, children's seats, coaches, etc are excluded which are transported by shipping companies.

  • The shipping cost for products up to 5kg is for 

        - Attica €3 and

        - outside Attica €4

Cancellation of order

  • The option of the cancellation of the order or part of it, is provided for as long it has not yet been executed (there has not yet been issued any document of dispatch by Dromeas Bikes ). In case the customer wishes to cancel the order, he must contact us via phone on 210-6047210 within the above mentioned time limit.
  • In case your order has been executed and is in the shipping procedure, then read the section on ''returns of products''.
  • If the customer judges that the delay of shipping on behalf of the store (more than 4 working days) renders the transaction “unprofitable”, he can ask for the cancellation of the order and a full refund.

Returns of products

Returns of products can be made only in case the product you received is defective  or the order has been wrongly executed. The return time limit is defined within 14 days from date of receipt as long as you have already notified our company within 3 working days from  date of receipt. If you have already received the order and want to return it because you regret, then read the section ''right of withdrawal".

1. Product returns at the company’s charges

Products return at Dromeas Bikes’ charges can be effected:

  • In all the cases of  an incorrectly executed order, that is in case of delivering a different product than the one ordered by type or quantity, after arrangement with our store on 210-6047210. The return must be made within 14 days from receipt.  In this case the costs are born by our company and the order is executed afresh within 4 working days from the moment we receive  the returned product.
  • In all the cases of a defective product,  Dromeas Bikes is obliged to replace only the specific product and not to give a refund. The return on behalf of the customer must be made within 14 days from receipt. In this case the costs shall be born by our company. If the specific defective  product is not available afresh within 4 working days, then the customer is entitled to a refund.

In any case the products must be returned in the condition they were delivered to the customer. In all cases the return of the product to be replaced  should  be done with all the documents accompanying the product and full packaging, as well as with the receipt of payment. Otherwise, if any of the above is missing, Dromeas Bikes is not obliged to replace the product or give a refund.

In case the products are not returned according to the above procedure or within the time  agreed following arrangements made between the customer and our store, Dromeas Bikes has the right not to accept the return and consequently to refuse replacement.

2. Refund

When the customer is entitled to a refund, it shall be done accordingly to the customer’s form of payment (cash, credit card etc). More specifically:

a) in cash if the payment was made in cash

b) via credit card if the payment was made by credit card

If the customer has opted to pay in installments, the company shall refund the amount in equal in number and amount installments.

c) via gift voucher if the payment was made by gift voucher.

The refund shall be given within 20 working days. This period includes: the time for the return of the product on behalf of the customer, the time of the inspection of the product by the company’s technicians and the time needed by the bank in order to process the deposit request.

3. Right of withdrawal

(1) If the customer is a natural person (consumer) who makes the sale for personal use and not for the convenience of their individual activities (commercial, business, craft or profession) then he is entitled to withdraw from the sale within 14 calendar days which start from the time of delivery of the product (to the customer or to the carrier which he indicates) returning the product to its original state, charging the customer with return costs and any loss of value of goods. Failure to apply the right of withdrawal indicated below in paragraph 2. The reduction of the value of goods is indicated below in paragraph 3.

Instructions on the right of withdrawal.

Right of withdrawal from distance contracts under n. 2251/1994 (as amended by the CMD Z1-891 / 2013).

The right to withdraw without giving any reason by the distant selling exclusively within 14 calendar days, returning the product to its original state. This right is based on the date of receipt of these written instructions, however not before delivery of the products. The within 14 calendar days of sending a clear statement of withdrawal or shipment of products shall be deemed sufficient for the timely exercise of the right of withdrawal. The statement shall be sent in writing to the following details:

With registered letter to the company Dromeas Bikes based in 45 Lavrio Avenue, Anatoliki Attiki, Postal code: 15 354 or electronic mail (email) to the email address: info@dromeasbikes.com or by fax to: 210-6047210.

You can even you can get in contact with the company Dromeas Bikes in customer service hotline 210-6047210.

Be aware that if you exercise your right to withdraw any of the above described ways, you will receive confirmation of receipt of the exercised right of withdrawal. Products returned with customers expense with a carrier company known to Dromeas Bikes or sent with a carrier company of their choice to: Lavrion Avenue 45, Glyka Nera, Anatolliki Attiki, T.K.153 54. The customer can also return the product personally to the physical store Dromeas Bikes.

Consequences of withdrawal:

In case of a valid exercise of the right of withdrawal, the customer should restore all financial compensation of any impairment in the value of the goods, and any financial gain resulting from this impairment only if and to the extent this is due to product impairment which falls outside the usual testing in products in a manner other than that which is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the product. As usual examination and product management in order to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the product means the examination of the goods, as may take place in the manner customary in a physical store.

Product returned with the carrier of the customer's choice and not partner carrier of Dromeas Bikes, are returned at the risk of the customer. The customer shall bear the return costs and any impairment in the value of the product (see. below in this case, paragraph 3) for the detection of which the company Dromeas Bikes expressly reserves until it receives the returned goods. Once received, the product will be checked for impairment of value that will be returned to the client any financial obligation to him the manner in which that payment was carried out by the customer, unless otherwise agreed with him. The obligation to refund shall be met without undue delay and within 14 calendar days after the return of the product.

(2) The right of withdrawal under Article 4 § 10 n. 2251/1994 shall not apply:

- Where the price of goods paid in the physical store Dromeas Bikes and simultaneously, these are picked up from the physical store, the sale is not considered to be committed remotely.

- In cases where the products are used.

- Where the goods supplied are manufactured according to the specifications that the customer has prescribed or according to personal requirements and personal customizations or by their nature can not be returned by shipment.

(3) Reduce product value

The consumer should manage each product received with how one would manage and would consider it at a physical store in order to ascertain the nature, characteristics and functioning. Management of a product which is different from the above description, will not be accepted. Therefore, the consumer may be charged by reducing the value of a product if the management of the product has exceed the acceptable limits, eg:

- Products which are returned without packaging or damaged packaging, but with complete accessories and documentation, will open to reduce the returned value up to 15%.

- Products which are returned without packaging or damaged packaging, but with complete accessories and documentation and are activated by way of initial installation (such as bicycles, accessories, trainers, etc.) the return value will be decreased up to 20%. If the packaging is complete, but it is enabled, they will open to reduce the returned value up to 10%.

(4) In case of a valid exercise of the right of withdrawal and provided that he has returned the product to your company Dromeas Bikes, the customer will receive a credit note equal value to the sale price, which will be repaid by the company Dromeas Bikes with same way the customer conducted the the purchase, unless otherwise agreed with the customer, without undue or unreasonable delay. It is expressly agreed and the customer is already providing an irrevocable mandate and consent to that, the company Dromeas Bikes to be entitled to withhold from the amount reimbursed the return costs, which are borne by the customer and any compensation in case of destruction, damage or malfunction of the product or impairment of the product due to actions of the customer. The company Dromeas Bikes in any case is entitled to claim in any legal way any amount harmed (as an indication, either in terms of return charges or destruction, damage or injury, impairment of the product etc.).

4. Return without the necessary elements

In case the product is returned without the receipt of payment, all the accompanying documents and its full package, Dromeas Bikes is under no obligation for a replacement or a refund.

5. Exception

When the order of the product has been made especially for the specific customer (e.g mixed assembly bike, order of garments in unusual sizes) Dromeas Bikes is under no obligaton for a  replacement or a refund.